Our Market Leader Manufacturers:

Manufacturing Plant

Each manufacturing company specializes in a specific area of the market.  This fact allows them to become the expert in their fields, thus providing our customers with not only high quality, but more design options, better material, and better delivery.

  • Chromalox 
  • Angel Hill Technologies Inc. 
  • ASB Heating Elements, Ltd. 
  • OMEGA Heater Co. 
  • Tempco 
  • Hot Runner Technology Inc. 
  • Heat and Sensor Technology 
  • Duratherm Processing Systems, Inc. 
  • Thermetic Products, Inc. 
  • International Temperature Control, Inc. 
  • Polymer Cleaning Technology, Inc. 
  • Infinite Thermal Solutions 
  • Slide Products, Inc. 
  • Unitherm International Inc. 
  • Turk & Hillinger USA Inc. 
  • Hotset America Corporation 
  • H.E.AT. 
  • Thermal Wire & Cable Inc. 
  • Ocean Wire & Cable 
  • Idaho Laboratories Corporation 
  • Mencom Corporation

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