Hot Runner Systems and Components

Shaping the future of indusrial heating!

Why pay OEM prices when you don’t have to?

Electro Supply carries and stocks nozzle tip replacements for most OEMs. We produce tips in all materials. Our standard is second to none!

HUSKYTM, Mold Master, DME Compatible Nozzle Tip 

Technology for the 21st century!

95% of our experience is in engineered resins (LCP, polyesters, nylons, glass and mineral filled, ultem, etc.) We tackle problems that other people won’t touch. In most cases, we can retro-fit your tool and guarantee it will run better without you having to do any alterations.  All of our present customers are 100% satisfied!

This technology was specifically developed for engineered resins such as polyester, styrene, PET, Ultem, Nylons (glass & mineral filled) and more! Laboratory tests and application experience prove that this technology will cost-effectively solve the most difficult application problems.

The Ultimate “Solution” for superior runnerless performance

Our manufacturers’ efforts to improve and refine integral heated component performance has established the “Solution” as the new standard of excellence in runnerless processing.

  • Highest Part quality

  • Fully controlled gating

  • Lowest injection pressure

  • Improved cycle time

  • Superior system balance

  • Simplified process control 

Compatible, Durable, & of Highest Quality
Brass, Bi-Metal, Cable, & MI

We can cross reference OEM (Original Equipment Manufactuer) part numbers. We have specifications for hundreds of OEM parts. These are items that most OEMs rely on external sources for. 

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