Assembly Heaters

The #1 Cause of Heater Failure is Abuse!

With our design you can be back up & running in 15 minutes!

The plate heater assemblies consist of machined plates which accommodate either “MAXPAK” square swaged cartridge heater or formed cable heaters. The heater assemblies can be supplied in any desired material including aluminum, bronze, stainless steel and steel. The plates and components can be readily plated or coated to provide corrosion resistance or special non-stick properties for sealing applications. A slot style square cartridge or cable heater and lead mounting method insure full protection of the elements and lead system while simplifying repair of accidental damage.

Performance Benefits inlcude:
  • Higher reliability & performance than cast or MICA style plates
  • Greater versatility
  • No required patterns for temporary sand molds or expensive permanent molds
  • Can be manufactured in smaller sizes
  • Thinner constructions
  • More complex configurations than cast & MICA plate heaters
  • Higher temperature and wattage capabilities
  • Improved heat uniformity
  • Reduced thermal mass
  • Increased heating efficiency
Special Features Include:
  • Distributed wattage
  • Multi independent heat zones
  • Internal temperature sensors

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